Flora, Fauna and Geology

In the realm of midnight, different types of material can be harvested from the land using various skills.

Many of these abilities are looking for these materials in different parts of the soil and this is broken down into what are known as strata.

There are a number of what are known as Gathering skills that can be utilised to extract the raw materials that are to be used for crafting.

The Air

This primarily concerns all things floating around in the atmosphere, different gasses and the like.

Related skills N/A


Things that walk, crawl and flitter about the land

Example Deer, Rabbits

Related skills Hunting, Butchering


Things that can be found amongst the plants.

Example Trees, flowers and herbs.

Related skills Chopping, Herbology, Farming


Things that can be found on the ground.

Example Mushrooms

Related skills Foraging


The soil, all things that are found in the soil that need not be dug too deep.

Example Root Vegetables

Related skills Foraging, Farming


Going deep beneath the soil, precious materials can be found

Example Oil, Gems

Related skills Mining


Searching where things that lurk beneath the waves.

Example Fish

Related skills Fishing