In the realm of midnight a character can wear a wide variety of clothing, although the protection it often offers can be limited.

Each character will have a range of locations where items can be worn that varies based upon their race.

These items will be worn on a specific layer, each of these layers determines when something is worn and when it is to be put on.


There are different classes of armours, each will offer differing amounts of protection and will have class restrictions applied on who can wear them.

Total Points System

The Edge of Midnight operates what is called the Total Points System that is used to measure the level of a players equipment.

It is used to calculate the Total Point Allowance (TPA) for the player based on their level and roleplaying experience.

The player may fill up this quota with whichever items they choose, each item having a specific score, Exceeding your TPA will result in debuffs to your character's state and is not recommended!


To help players switch between roleplaying scenes, forms and combat a player may save their current equipment loadout as an outfit these outfits can then be switched between quickly and easily.

Outfit Usage

Using the command OUTFIT a player may view their current outfits, each outfit is linked to a name - and by entering the command with that name a player can equipment that outfit.

For example entering the command outfit hunting the player's character will remove all currently equipped items and wear the outfit stored against 'hunting'. This command not only saves the player effort, but it also suppresses the removal and wear messages that other players would usually see as well as suppressing any magical activation messages.

Saving an outfit with no items, or just any piercings your character might have is a quick and easy way to get naked!


Dragons have a large innate level of protection and as such they are only provided with a 50% TPA compared to an equivalent level in another race.