08/04/2019 1:19pm

Update - 4.13.5b Live

New update has gone in with various

fixes details of which can be found under patch b here http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.13.5

29/03/2019 1:52pm

Update - 4.13.5 Live

New patch has gone in with some substantial changes to the code for the kinks system and some small fixes. http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.13.5

23/03/2019 9:01am

Update - 4.13.4b Live

Reboot with some small fixes added.

18/03/2019 12:17pm

Update - 4.13.4 Live

New patch has gone in with a variety of small fixes http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.13.4

07/03/2019 2:35pm

New Banking System

The new banking system is live, it should behave a lot like the old one for the moment and behave a lot better under the hood!

One change is that you will now be charged for all deposits!

05/03/2019 10:34am


A small patch went in, this should address the Chef title issue and clean up a typo in Lycanthropy.

01/03/2019 11:11am

Update - 4.13.3 Live

New patch has gone in with a variety of small fixes http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.13.3

16/02/2019 10:29am

Update - 4.13.2 Live

New patch has gone in with a variety of small fixes http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.13.1

03/02/2019 11:11am

Update - 4.13.1 Live

New patch has gone in introducing `The Dreaming` and Hotspot commands details can be found in the release notes at http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.13.1

08/01/2019 10:01am

Patch 4.13c Live

The MUD was rebooted this morning with a small patch to address some lingering issues with the update.

The release notes have been updated and can be found here: http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php

06/01/2019 12:41pm

Lag Issues

I`ve put in place some fixes that should address the lag issues that we have been suffering from. Apologies to all for the frustration it caused.

Should it recur I look to winding back the code to pre 4.13. This shouldn`t impact any progress your characters have made in the mean time.