16/02/2019 10:29am

Update - 4.13.2 Live

New patch has gone in with a variety of small fixes http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.13.1

03/02/2019 11:11am

Update - 4.13.1 Live

New patch has gone in introducing `The Dreaming` and Hotspot commands details can be found in the release notes at http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.13.1

08/01/2019 10:01am

Patch 4.13c Live

The MUD was rebooted this morning with a small patch to address some lingering issues with the update.

The release notes have been updated and can be found here: http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php

06/01/2019 12:41pm

Lag Issues

I`ve put in place some fixes that should address the lag issues that we have been suffering from. Apologies to all for the frustration it caused.

Should it recur I look to winding back the code to pre 4.13. This shouldn`t impact any progress your characters have made in the mean time.



03/01/2019 9:59am

Patch 4.13 - Live

The update has gone in, please report any issues initially on the discord channel - it will be monitored closely.

Release notes can be found here: http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php

19/12/2018 10:18am

Follow/Grouping/Party Changes

The new patch will be going live shortly, this will have a huge impact on the FOLLOW command - In the future if you want to follow someone then they will need to invite you into their party and you will need to accept.

This change has repercussions throughout the game so please keep an eye on your pets and groups when it goes live!


14/11/2018 11:37am

4.13 Back in Test

Release Notes: http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php

Test Server: edgeofmidnight.org:27744

Please pay particular attention to PARTY and PET changes - use bug reporting or post in the discord channel

09/11/2018 5:20pm

Patch 4.13 - Pulled

The upcoming patch has been pulled as it wasn`t compliant with the MUD`s policies on cliques. Apologies all.

08/07/2018 1:20pm

Reboot v4.12b Live

Release notes here http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.12#patchb

03/07/2018 12:08pm

Reboot and Update

Rebooted the mud and applied a small update - details can be found here:


21/06/2018 9:21am

4.12 Live

EoM was rebooted this morning to apply an update, details can be seen at http://edgeofmidnight.org/releases.php?release=EoMv4.12