Viewing the Angel Race


Angels are celestial being sent down from the heavens. They are slightly taller than humans, and usually have large feathered wings. Generally they are good and like to aid others. Angels take a bit more experience to level than other races.

Age Ranges

Infant: upto 2, Toddler: 2 to 9, Child: 10 to 24, Young adult: 25 to 174, Adult: 175 to 262, Mature: 263 to 999, Old: 1000 to 12389, Venerable: 12390 to 90429, Ancient: 90430+

Height (inches)

60 to 74 (Male) 58 to 72 (Female)

Weight (pounds)

80 to 180

Stat Adjusters

dexterity+1, constitution+2, charisma+1, wisdom+2, save vs mind+10, justice save+10, save vs undead-15, save vs magic+5, max dexterity adj.+1, max constitution adj.+2, max charisma adj.+1 and max wisdom adj.+2.


Vulnerable to UNDEAD magic (50.0%).


Angelic Aura, Winged Flight and Cure Light Wounds.

Starting Gear

a delicate green shirt, a pair of sandals, some delicate leggings and a knitted weapon belt.