Viewing the Avian Race


Avians are an anthropomorphic bird race gifted with beauty, grace and intelligence. Their feathers and plumage may be of any color you would find on any bird. They may have a beak in place of a more humanoid mouth, but that is not always so. Their wings may be separate from their arms or attached to the arms, depending on the avian at hand. Their feet and hands may be claws or humanoid in shape, depending upon the avian's lineage. Their bones are quite light in order to allow them to fly.

Age Ranges

Infant: upto 2, Toddler: 2 to 3, Child: 4 to 19, Young adult: 20 to 109, Adult: 110 to 219, Mature: 220 to 329, Old: 330 to 399, Venerable: 400 to 419, Ancient: 420+

Height (inches)

48 to 54 (Male) 50 to 56 (Female)

Weight (pounds)

80 to 140

Stat Adjusters

dexterity+2, charisma+2, wisdom+2, save vs gas-5, save vs electricity+5, max dexterity adj.+2, max charisma adj.+2 and max wisdom adj.+2.




Foraging, Winged Flight and Hunting.

Starting Gear

a delicate green shirt, a pair of sandals and some delicate leggings.