Viewing the Dryad Race


Dryads are tree-spirits, each bound to an individual tree. If their tree dies, they die as well. They tend to be fiercely protective of nature.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Age Ranges

Infant: upto 2, Toddler: 2 to 13, Child: 14 to 23, Young adult: 24 to 174, Adult: 175 to 262, Mature: 263 to 349, Old: 350 to 389, Venerable: 390 to 429, Ancient: 430+

Height (inches)

64 to 76 (Male) 59 to 71 (Female)

Weight (pounds)

90 to 180

Stat Adjusters

constitution+3, wisdom+3, gender-7, save vs fire-2, save vs gas+5, save vs poison+5, max constitution adj.+3 and max wisdom adj.+3.


Vulnerable to iron weapons (50.0%).


Bonded Tree.

Starting Gear

a pair of stragically placed oak leaves, a wild rose and a well placed oak leaf.