Viewing the Dwarf Race


Dwarves are shorter than humans, but much stockier, and enjoy sporting beards (including the women). They receive one bonus Constitution point, but lose one Charisma point. They also have Infravision, or the ability to see other creatures in the dark. Dwarves are natural Miners, though their class choices will be limited.

Age Ranges

Infant: upto 1, Toddler: 1 to 4, Child: 5 to 39, Young adult: 40 to 124, Adult: 125 to 187, Mature: 188 to 249, Old: 250 to 269, Venerable: 270 to 289, Ancient: 290+

Height (inches)

52 to 60 (Male) 48 to 56 (Female)

Weight (pounds)

150 to 250

Stat Adjusters

strength+2, constitution+3, wisdom+1, save vs poison+5, max strength adj.+2, max constitution adj.+3 and max wisdom adj.+1.




Stone Cunning.

Starting Gear

a grey work tunic, a pair of hefty work boots, some hefty work pants and a knitted weapon belt.