Viewing the Elf Race


Elves are slightly shorter and more slender than humans, but are quick and agile. They receive one bonus Dexterity point, but lose one Constitution point. Elves have Infravision, are skilled at Foraging. Though their class choices are more limited than humans, they have the broadest choices of all demi-humans.

Age Ranges

Infant: upto 2, Toddler: 2 to 19, Child: 20 to 109, Young adult: 110 to 174, Adult: 175 to 262, Mature: 263 to 349, Old: 350 to 389, Venerable: 390 to 429, Ancient: 430+

Height (inches)

59 to 71

Weight (pounds)

80 to 160

Stat Adjusters

intelligence+2, dexterity+2, charisma+1, wisdom+1, max intelligence adj.+2, max dexterity adj.+2, max charisma adj.+1 and max wisdom adj.+1.




Foraging, Woodland Hide and ElfSight.

Starting Gear

a delicate green shirt, a pair of sandals, some delicate leggings and a knitted weapon belt.