Viewing the Halfling Race


Halflings are a very short fur-footed folk. They receive one bonus Dexterity point, but lose one point of Strength. They have Infravision, make excellent Cooks, though their class choices will be limited.

Age Ranges

Infant: upto 1, Toddler: 1 to 3, Child: 4 to 19, Young adult: 20 to 49, Adult: 50 to 74, Mature: 75 to 99, Old: 100 to 109, Venerable: 110 to 119, Ancient: 120+

Height (inches)

40 to 46 (Male) 36 to 42 (Female)

Weight (pounds)

80 to 130

Stat Adjusters

strength-2, dexterity+3, charisma+2, wisdom+2, paralysis save+1, max strength adj.-2, max dexterity adj.+3, max charisma adj.+2, max wisdom adj.+2 and save vs detection+1.




Cooking and Skiprock.

Starting Gear

a small tunic, some small pants and a knitted weapon belt.