Viewing the Nezumi Race


The nezumi are mouse and rat folk. Ranging in appearance from almost fully animalistic to nearly human, they come in many forms. The nezumi are hardy folk who are immune to disease they are quick to act and have both nimble minds and nimble fingers, however they do fall easily to vice and other unwise persuits.

Age Ranges

Infant: upto 2, Toddler: 2 to 3, Child: 4 to 19, Young adult: 20 to 109, Adult: 110 to 219, Mature: 220 to 329, Old: 330 to 399, Venerable: 400 to 419, Ancient: 420+

Height (inches)

48 to 59 (Male) 44 to 55 (Female)

Weight (pounds)

85 to 150

Stat Adjusters

strength-2, intelligence+3, dexterity+3, constitution-1, wisdom+2, save vs mind-5, max strength adj.-2, max intelligence adj.+3, max dexterity adj.+3, max constitution adj.-1 and max wisdom adj.+2.




Second Wind, Prey's Instinct and Trained Olfactory Senses.

Starting Gear

a simple peasant shirt, work boots and simple peasant leggings.