Viewing the Satyr Race


Possessed of the the upper half of a man and the lower half of the goat these woodland creatures are generally regarded as a strange combination of contradictions - often seen as dangeerous and subversive yet at the same time they can be shy and cowardly. They are reknowned for their love of phsical pleasure often seeking out the nymphs that inhabit the woods - roaming to the sound of music looking for someone to dance with.

Age Ranges

Infant: upto 5, Toddler: 5 to 19, Child: 20 to 109, Young adult: 110 to 324, Adult: 325 to 499, Mature: 500 to 849, Old: 850 to 949, Venerable: 950 to 1049, Ancient: 1050+

Height (inches)

59 to 71

Weight (pounds)

80 to 160

Stat Adjusters

dexterity+3, charisma+3, max dexterity adj.+3 and max charisma adj.+3.


Vulnerable to iron weapons (50.0%).


Sonic Blast and Pay The Piper.

Starting Gear

a set of pipes, a simple leather belt and a short kilt.